Thursday, May 05, 2005

ADT 2006

Welcome to my intial post. It is my intention to put a real life twist and tutorial on the use of ADT 2006. I'm not affliated with anyone but have been using Autocad\ADT since 1987 - yes Autocad version 2.16

In my time I have been a big customiser of the out-of-box system. As a result I have learnt many TRICKS and effiencies in the system. They may not be technically correct BUT . . . What is the purpose of this software - TO MAKE MONEY. Not be technically correct of spend hours pefecting the best soultion but convey your design ideas into a digital format to give to others. The faster the better.

We are based in Australia and have found very little FREE content to help Australian content. It is my intention to put together some form of FREE on-line collabarative content to help Australian architect. . . input from other Autralian architects and designers is more than welcome.