Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Scheduling AND Xrefing

I came across an oddity with scheduling in a view and then dragging the view to sheet. The Schedules were blank. All the headers where there but no data - I was perplexed - did I need the schedule or property definitions in the sheet - NO.

Here's the scenario - The view had a construct floor plan in it, we then had some lines drawn over the construct to represent bracing walls which are then tagged with a property set to describe the ID,Type,Racking, Length and Strength. This data is then scheduled together to get the total strength of all bracing. The schedules work fine, they where set to automatically update and to pick only lines on a layer filter. In the view looks fine THEN .. . ...

Drag the view into the sheet and BANG - no data. After changing a few things I worked out that the layer filter MUST account for the new layer name when Xref. For example, if you explicitly have a layer name for the filter such as brace , when the drawing is xrefed in it will have the name xrefbrace and this is where the problem lies. The filter needs ato be at least *brace to pick up the lines in the sheet

Without that, ADT in the sheet must not be able to work out the data. It then made me realise that ADT must actually recalulate the schedule when the sheet is open when set to automatically update.

Another oddity to add to the list of ADT


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